We are Problem Solvers

We are Visionaries

We are Vieolo

We are a group of developers, designers, engineers, and problem-solvers, came together with a single passion,

digital innovation


To ensure the safety of our employees and maintaining a consistent and quality service to our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are operating remotely, at full capacity.

Born in Tallinn, Estonia, our focus has always been on automation and the improvement of efficiency of


(small and medium enterprises) through software, operating in three countries and two continents since


Our goal has always been to provide tools and facilities to SMEs that were conventionally only available to large corporations at a much lower cost. This goal is deeply integrated with our business model. The more successful we are with improving the operation of our clients, the more chances of us collaborating on future projects. And so far, we have been pretty successful in producing a good ROI for our clients.