Outsourcing Dev Teams

When hiring an in-house dev team is not the best way forward

When hiring an in-house dev team is not the best way forward


What we do

Offshore team under your management

We provide the necessary developers under the direction of your own project manager. We manage the necessary compliance and HR while your project manager guides the team towards your desired outcome.

Augmenting your existing team

Hiring experienced developers for specific and temporary tasks can be impractical and costly. We give the option to basically rent an experienced developer for a specific position for a particular project.

Is outsourcing the right decision for you?

We value honesty and transparency. We always try to advise our clients the same way we would like to receive from others. So, the first thing you need to know is if you truly need to outsource your software development.

Can you execute your plans or solve your problems with an existing software or product?


When it comes to hiring your developers, location plays a crucial role in your success. Using our established network and setup in Europe and Asia we can procure and maintain the best possible talent suited to your requirements and needs.

Baltic Region

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Among one of the most digitized regions in the world, the baltic countries open the door to a highly skilled and educated workforce boasting incredible English proficiency. Having the highest rate of startup per capita, you will have access to a pool of seasoned developers able to solve any problems.

Western Europe

Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands

Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium have collectively become the tech hub of Europe, creating one of the biggest pools of talent anywhere in the world. Access to this workforce gives you the ability to develop the most cutting-edge technologies you desire.


With close proximity to Europe and a young and skilled workforce, Turkey provides a golden opportunity to assemble a great and vibrant team of developers at a lower cost.


India offers the largest pool of developers in the world with hundreds of thousands of new graduates joining the workforce every year. Having access to the workforce in India enables you to assemble a talented team of developers at the lowest possible cost and speed.

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Besides our services, we have a series of products for our end-users and open-source packages for developers.

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