Create a workspace

To use Vieolo, you need to be a member of a workspace, either by creating one or getting invited to an existing workspace. In this guide, we focus on creating a workspace.

Creating a workspace is free and you can create as many workspaces as you need free of charge. Each workspace has its own free tier and usage limits. If you surpass the usage limits of the free tier, you can upgrade your workspace to a paid tier.

The creator of the workspace is the owner of the workspace. The owner has all the possible permissions and the highest level of access level. The owner is also the only member capable of updating or downgrading the tier of the workspace.

To create a new workspace, you can click on the “Add” button on the main drawer, on the left side of the page which takes you to the workspace form.

Personal vs. Business workspaces

Personal and business workspaces are identical in many aspects. The main difference between the two is that you cannot invite any other members to the personal workspaces. Subsequently, some of the features that are designed for multi-member collaboration will not be available for single-member personal workspaces.

You can later convert a personal workspace to a business workspace. However, you cannot convert a business to a personal workspace.

Nickname and official name

Nickname is the short internal name that you use to identify the workspace. The nickname of your workspace will only be displayed to its members and will not be used in communications. The official name of the workspace is the name that will be used for external communication, billing, and correspondence.

For personal uses, the official name may not be important but for businesses and freelancers, the correctness of the official name is crucial. In the case of freelancers, the official name is usually the full government name of the freelancer. In the case of registered companies, the official name is usually the registered name of the companies including their business entity identifiers such as Inc, LLC, etc.

Vieolo uses the official name of a workspace for its internal billing. So make sure to enter the correct name to be able to claim the costs as business expenses.

Country and currency

The country of your workspace determines many of the preferences of your workspace. The country of your workspace will also be used for fine-tuning some of our features based on local laws and regulations.

The currency you select here is the primary currency of your workspace and will be used for the accounting and all connected modules. Vieolo provides different mechanisms for exchanging different currencies and will use the currency you select as the base currency of your workspace.

You can select currencies unrelated to the country of workspace. For example, you can use USD while the country of your workspace is Germany. This practice is not encouraged but nevertheless possible.

Contact information

The contact information of your workspace (email, phone number, website, and address) is used primarily for a more comprehensive and detailed communication of your workspace. As an example, the invoices issued by your workspace will include the contact information you will provide here.

Vieolo will use your contact information in its internal billing system and will include it in the invoices and receipts it generates for workspaces with paid tiers.

Financial information

The financial information of your workspace (if any) will be included in the generated invoices, receipts, or communications from your workspace. Of course, you can choose not to include these data in your generated documents.

If you are planning to use Vieolo to generate invoices or receipts for your clients, we recommend including some of your financial information as it creates a sense of legitimacy and reliability.

Vieolo will not use your financial information or identifiers for any purposes other than your intentional usage and will not share them with any third parties.


Your workspace has its own language, date, and time preferences. The preferences of your workspace will not override those of its members and will only be used for external and internal communication of the workspace with other entities.

For example, you may choose English as the primary language of your account but select German as the language of your workspace. Since the language of your account is English, your interface will remain the same. However, if you issue an invoice from your workspace for a client, the invoice will be in German.

Last Updated: May 2, 2024