Manage the permissions of your workspace members

Vieolo provides two ways to control the privacy of your data in your workspace.

Each member of your workspace has a list of permissions that determines their capabilities in different parts and modules of the workspace. The list of permissions is quite extensive and gives you the ability to control the general access of a member to a module as well as the specific actions they are allowed to perform within the module.

Often, even though a member has access to a module, they are not supposed to have access to some sensitive information within the module. As an example, you wouldn’t want an intern to have access to the sensitive information you have in your Archive module even though you want them to have access to basic and non-sensitive entries. To solve this problem, you can assign an access level to members (1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest). A member can only access the entries with a sensitivity level equal to or lower than their access level.

There are two ways to view and change the permissions of a member. You can view all the permissions assigned to a single member or you can view all the members who have a single permission.

View and manage the permissions of a single member

To view the list of permissions of a single member, you need to navigate to the “Members” tab on the detail page of your workspace.

You can see the list of active members of the workspace on the left side of the page. By clicking on the card of any member, the details of their membership will appear on the right side of the page. To change the permissions, you can expand the permissions card by clicking on the downward arrow on the left side of the card.

Permissions are categorized and each permission has a description of the exact functionality it affects. Each category of permissions has a small rectangle on the right side with a number in it. The number indicates the number of active permissions in the category, giving you an overview of the active permissions of the member.

View and manage the members having access to a permission

Often it is useful to know the list of members who have access to a particular part of the workspace.

You can view the members having access to every permission by visiting the “Members” tab and clicking the “Permissions” button on the top right corner.

You can see the list of the categories of permissions on the left side of your page. By clicking on a category, you will see the list of each permission in the category and each member listed on the right side.

The members with green bubbles have permission and the ones with red bubbles do not. By clicking on a member, you can toggle their permission.

Last Updated: May 2, 2024